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Theatre Camps
Summer 2018

Come PLAY with us and discover the creative possibilities of the PERFORMING ARTS!

MAT’s dedicated staff of teaching artists and theatre professionals invite students of all ages to hone their craft, grow their confidence, develop their voice, express their imaginations and have fun as they explore in workshops from improvisation and acting skills to circus and Shakespeare.  

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Open Tuesday to Friday. 1-5 pm.

719 465 -6321

AGES 4 to 6

Costume Play

Young performers step inside their favorite book and explore how to bring stories and characters to life through music, movement, dramatic play and visual art.  Classes encourage creative expression and promote confidence, imagination and self-esteem while working on skills such as listening, sharing and collaboration.  Each class ends with a final sharing for friends and family.

Half Day – 9am to Noon ~ 1 week– $140  

June 4 – 8  – IT’S SHOE TIME  

Shoes, sneakers, slippers, and more pair up in new and exciting ways!

Instructor: Terri Harrison


Uncover the epic tale behind everyone’s favorite playground game!   

Instructor: Terri Harrison


Bartelby lives in the bookstore, but this very long and lovable dachshund needs your help! 

Instructor: Terri Harrison


Adventure through the orchestra as we search for the perfect instrument.

Instructor: Julia Bochey


Find out what happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb a coconut tree!

Instructor: Julia Bochey

AGES 7 to 9

June 4 – 8  SUPER HEROES (full day)

FULL DAY – Mon to Fri – 9am to 3pm ~ 1 week– $260

The world needs your help, so be brave and uncover your super powers, save the world and defeat your enemies.    

Instructors: Kayla Kuemmerle and Brittany Merrit 

June 11 – 15  MONSTER ACADEMY (half day – am)

HALF DAY – Mon to Fri – 9am to Noon ~ 1 week– $140

We journey to Monsterland and train to be the best monsters in the biz.     

Instructors: Kara Harrison & Alexis McCowan

June 11 – 15  Hogwarts – RESCUE FAIRYLAND  (half day – pm)

HALF DAY – Mon to Fri – 1pm – 4pm ~ 1 week– $140

Help find the lost tales of Fairyland, build a cloud castle and master the secret language of the fairies.     

Instructors: Birgitta De Pree, Alexis McCowan

June 25 – 29  MERLIN’S FOREST (full day)

FULL DAY – Mon to Fri – 9am to 3pm ~ 1 week– $260

Travel back in time and uncover the lost tales of Merlin’s magical forest.  We’ll create the costumes, props and sets to bring our story to life and then share it with friends and family on the final day of camp.   

 Instructors: Sohie Tremeau, Kara Harrison, Hannah Rockey

July 9 –   13  MAD SCIENTISTS  (half day)

HALF DAY – Mon to Fri – 9am to Noon ~ 1 week– $140

Invent strange contraptions, concoct weird experiments and unleash your creative genius in this outrageous journey into the world of amazing (and a little bit mad) scientists!

Instructors: Kayla Kuemmerle and Brittany Merrit 

HOGWARTS – Ages 7 to 9 AND Ages 9 to 12

Spend a fun-filled week in the Wizarding World and discover the wonder of Hogwarts, the deliciousness of Butterbeer and the excitement of magic classes. We’ll brew up powerful potions, solve impossible riddles, encounter incredible creatures and master techniques to defend us from “he who shall not be named”. 

This year we’re offering two weeks of camp with a half day June session and a full day July option.  Each week there are two sessions running simultaneously – one for ages 7 to 9 and one for ages 9 – 12.  All professors, prefects and magical creatures have been vetted. 

June 11 – 15 – Hogwarts RESCUE FAIRYLAND (half day) – Mon to Fri – 1pm to 4pm – $140

July 16 – 20 – Hogwarts WIZARD TRAINING (full day) – Mon to Fri – 9am to 3pm – $260

Instructors: Birgitta De Pree, Hannah Rockey, Kara Harrison, Sophie Tremeau, Kayla Kuemmerle and guests (muggle names only provided)

AGES 9 to 12

June 4 – 8  SHARE THE STAGE (half day)

Mon – Fri – 1pm to 4pm ~ 1 week– $140

Learn to say YES to your imagination as you discover how to bring a scene, story and character to life on the stage.  You’l learn a little bit about everything and have a whole lot of fun.  

 Instructor: Birgitta De Pree and guests

June 11 – 15  Hogwarts – RESCUE FAIRYLAND  (half day – pm)

HALF DAY – Mon to Fri – 1pm – 4pm ~ 1 week– $140

Help!  “You know who” is causing trouble.  Join forces with us to help save Fairyland.  You’ll receive training in Parsel tongue, the art of uncovering invisible stories and even build a cloud city.   

Instructors: Birgitta De Pree, Alexis McCowan

June 18 – 22  SAILS, SCALES & MERMAID TALES (full day)

Mon – Fri – 9am to 3pm ~ 1 week– $260

Dive in and make a splash!  Spend the week creating your very own musical that you design, build and, yes of course, perform.   Julia Brochey guides young artists through all the steps in this hands on workshop for the kid who wants to try it all!

Instructor: Julia Bochey

June 25 – 29  CASTLES OF CAMPALOT (full day)

FULL DAY – 9am to 3pm ~ 1 week– $260

Jesters,knights, dragons and powerful princesses are just some of the larger than life characters you’ll meet (and become) as we act out  ridiculous scenes, design outrageous costumes, joust with pool noodles and bring to life a one-of-a-kind Renaissance festival presented for invited friends and family on the final day!

 Instructors: Birgitta De Pree, Hannah Rockey, Kara Harrison, Sophie Tremeau, Julia Brochey

July 9 – 13  MAKE THEM LAUGH

Mon – Fri – 1pm to 4pm ~ 1 week– $140

Explore the funny side of theatre and put together an original variety show full of prat falls, silly walks, jokes, puns, sight gags and ridiculous scenes.

Instructors: Jeff Harms, Hannah Rockey 

AGES 9 to 14 

July 23 – Aug 4 – MAKE A CIRCUS (two weeks) 

HALF DAY – Mon – Fri – 1pm to 4pm ~ 2 weeks – $260 

Join the circus!   In this two week intensive camp you’ll learn acrobatics, juggling, tightrope walking, unicycling, stilt walking, trapeze, aerial silk and clowning on stage at the MAT. Led by seasoned circus performer, Jim Jackson, each class is tailored to the unique skills and interests of each student. 

Instructors: Jim Jackson, Elizabeth Fluharty and guests



Ages 13- 16 ~ Mon – Friday ~ 1pm to 5pm  – 1 weeks – $165

Dive in and discover the fun FUNdamentals of acting.  Each day we’ll explore a variety of techniques from scene-work, stage combat and improvisation to theatre make up, special effects and costume design.  The week culminates in a drama recital for friends and family.

Instructors: Hannah Rockey, Sophie Tremeau, Kara Harrison and guests

July 23 – August 3 – SHAKESPEARE Ensemble (two weeks)

High School ~ Mon – Thurs ~ 9am to 2pm  – 2 weeks – $285

Join MAT’s longest running teen ensemble as we put together a vibrant and original performance of “Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits”.  You’ll master the language of the world’s greatest playwright in this fast paced hands-on approach to Shakespeare.  Scenes, sonnets and soliloquies come together in an original adaptation that you’ll perform at the theatre on the final day.

Instructors: Birgitta De Pree, Hannah Rockey and guests

Author: Jim Jackson