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The Book of Moron – Sept 10

Saturday, September 10 @ 7:30pm
You'll laugh until it hurts!

Dubac is a master of his craft. THE BOOK OF MORON is a show chock full of wonderful laughter, joyful surprises and unexpected applause-break moments. In THE BOOK OF MORON, Robert Dubac presents wisdom disguised as wit and high art in the guise of mass-appeal entertainment.” – The Huffington Post

You’ll laugh until it hurts. THE BOOK OF MORON is hysterical.  Everyone walks away with face fatigue from grinning like a fool and laughing like one, too.” – The Aurora Sentinel

“THE BOOK OF MORON is a terrific show, witty and incisive, clever and acute!” – The Denver Post


Hilarious,” “Intelligent,” “Provocative,” Scorching” all describe Robert Dubac’s new solo show THE BOOK OF MORON!  Combining theater with stand-up Dubac buckles us up for a fast-paced joy ride over the pot-holed highways of cultural hypocrisy. Riding shotgun with intelligence and absurdity he crashes head first into the barriers of sex, race, religion, politics and the media. And he’s not alone. With mesmerizing ease, he portrays multiple characters who all take turns beating the hornet’s nest of hype and spin with the big stick of knowledge. It’s comedy on steroids. Think your funny bone can handle it?

Author: Jim Jackson

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